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A sale leaseback is a simple real estate transaction whereby an owner of a property (or portfolio) sells the property to a real estate investor with an agreement to lease the property back from the investor

Through sale leaseback financing companies are able to monetize 100% of the full market value of owned real estate assets.

Leaseback terms typically range from 10 to 20 years with extension options which allow users to control the asset for as long as it suits their operational needs.  The terms of the lease agreement ensure that the transaction will not have a material effect on the operational use of the property.

Build to Suit

​Red Cedar has the capability to move quickly in acquiring land and constructing commercial property that is specifically suited to the needs of the user we are working with.

We understand the tight time frame in which our clients need their real estate project delivered.  Our focus on project management ensures a streamlined design and construction process that brings projects in on time, and on budget.  Cost savings and construction quality correlate to lower lease and overall occupancy costs for our users.

Red Cedar Partners will develop commercial property of any size and users can opt to purchase or lease the asset depending on their operational and financial objectives.

consulting services

Red Cedar Partners provides information, guidance, and professional insight for all your real estate development and lease financing needs.

Our pre-development feasibility reports provide our clients with the guidance they need to begin the development process.  This report allows them the opportunity to visualize the entire project, define timelines, and forecast accurate budgets.

Red Cedar Partners uses talented architectural, civil engineering, and construction firms to create custom built buildings tailored exclusively to our clients needs.  Consulting with all parties, we identify the clients goals for the project and can assist in any aspect of the lease financing and development process.